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South Sudan has been blessed with a lot of talented artists in the hip hop industry, a lot are underground artists, one artist who has gone across the boarder with hip hop music is Kebas, Kebas teamed up with the song bird Trisha Cee in 2016 and came up with one hit song Seley (Pray) which has never left the airwaves to date.

The rapper in 2019 teamed with another top Congo artist Ratise Solo and recorded a very meaningful song Merci meaning Shukuran (Thank you). And many have been asking questions like “Who is RealG Kebas?” and we had to get him on 101.

Who is Kebas?

Kebas Is a conscious Hip Hop artist, a System Developer, a humanitarian most times am helping vulnerable people in IDPs and refugee camps.

and the founder of True Friends Inc. Kebas commonly known as RealG started music in the late 2010 and has been nominated in several Musical Awards over the years.

He attended high school at the famous St Joseph’s College Ombaci, Arua, Uganda and Nkumba University Entebbe for his post graduate course where he studied Information Technology.

Over the years RealG has been consistent and relevant in the HIP HOP fraternity with numerous collaborations from different recognized HIP HOP artist such as A Paapa, L.U.A.L, Asif, Gbaraspoken MC, IssaGhad, OPU Koboko Boy, Rapper Blutit and Kakwa rapper Staid Pizzy, Vocalist Ratise Solo, Loveson Contolla, and Jackia UG, Legendary Saab strategy to mention but a few. Kebas is a multi-language rapper who raps in 4 different languages, his native Kakwa language, English, Arabic and others.

How is the lockdown taking you, do you find it developmental or has affected you negatively more?

Well the lock down is nothing new to me, If I can remember and remind you in the year 2016 in Juba during the shooting, we were home for almost a week indoors, it was something sad and terrifying to experience, also as being a computer guy most time am indoors alone writing programs and developing application both online and desktop-based applications.

So, this lock down made me creative and innovative, I and my buddy Francis (Linn) had to develop an online system for artists to sell their music using mobile money and visa cards. It’s already known that public gathering shall not be in place and most artists, comedians earn money through shows, therefore it means their source of income and livelihood has been affected, but the only way for them to make money is to sell their dope music online, just like in the western world.

How do you balance music and other works?

Well honestly of late I gave my time mostly to do my humanitarian work and my IT work, but I squeeze times on weekends and on holidays to spit some bars and to educate through music.


True Friends INC is an online entertainment platform that sells music using mobile money and Visa cards. The initiative is to create and economic rise for some artists and comedians who only earn from shows and other public gathering, now with this ncovid-19 situation things have changed, artists are not able to earn money, some are unable to support their family especially for those who don’t have some side business. Now true friend’s Inc is here to sell their music on their behalf using Mobile Money and VISA Card a, but this is ofcourse after agreeing with the individual artist, thereafter the revenue is shared between the artist and the business. The artist takes the 60% and True Friends take the 40%.

Should we expect new projects musically, or you are focusing on entrepreneurship now?

For now, am much focused in selling my True Friends album which is already place on the site Also, am aiming at empowering the youth through creation of employment opportunities, and creation of livelihood opportunities, True Friends Inc has given a chance to some youth to work and artist to make a living through their music.

You have inspired so many in the music industry. What word to you have for those who look up to you and your fans?

Well, it feels good if I did inspire someone, and my advice to upcoming artists is to work hard and have a backup plan, they shouldn’t only depend on music Solely but also have another side skill to earn them a living. Also, artist who have the opportunity to go to school, should not waste that Opportunity, you know knowledge is power, once you have a broader knowledge of what it is, you would definitely write good music. And to my fans, I would say thanks for being loyal, expect good music, good bars and punches soon.




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