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400kg one of South Sudan’s top comedians has called one Sam dee a FAKE ASS ARTIST………

This all started after Sam Dee posted on his timeline saying only comedian AK DAN is the only comedian in South Sudan, mentioning the rest which 400 kg is inclusive fake comedians…..

This touched 400 KG in the wrong part, calling Sam Dee a fake ass comedian, quoting that Sam dee is not even an upcoming artist who raps but doesn’t know how to rap but knows how to rape, calling him a rapist.

400kg in the video posted in his official fan page, seems to know more about Sam Dee……

He went ahead to touch Sam Dee’s family by saying even his mother and grandmother cant even speak english.

Some of the points noted by 400 KG in the video

Sam Dee being a thief:

400 KG noted that Sam Dee was once doing printing in Juba University, during his work he (SAM DEE) stole a lot of phones from students…. he (Sam Dee) was then chased and now doing typing in KonyoKonyo

Sam Dee a fake Ass Artist:

400 KG said Sam dee left rapping to Join dancehall after realising he didn’t have talent in rapping. Having failed in dancehall music 400 KG noted that Sam Dee decided to become a bouncer

Sam Dee is sick

400 Kg noted that sam dee is mentally retarded

This is all referenced in this video

Once againwaja BatnaAshan tani maraAna maak#Mecofilmto the worldπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Posted by Comedian Daniel400Kg on Wednesday, August 5, 2020


This also touched Sam Dee so bad that he had to reply so hooooot

He had to Post this on his timeline


Mr. Comedian 400 Grams (g)

First and foremost I would like to congratulate you for making a prematurely 10 Minutes and 31 seconds video with no rehearsal done even after a whole day of serous writing.

To be sincere Aku you cannot do a one man comedy show that can last for 30 Minutes at Whatever circumstances so talent Wise you need renovation.

You went ahead and lied unknowingly that I begged you to be your bouncer, 400(g) really Do you think I can think of being a bouncer to a malnourished man like you whose net pay is 2,500SSP per performance at Kilkilu Ana? You need some vitamins and proteins to boost up your immune system.

Grams, I have my own profession Aku and you should know that my Library isn’t a kitchen for giving out raw jobs. You’re as broke as hell and you’re here complaining of me of being broke, have you ever done birthday party for your chick or you need fundraising?

Another question, did you really study Communication skills and public speaking strategies in your High school? I guess you should have given all your speech in Arabic bro because that English was way too embarrassing.

The next time you want to talk about me leave other people out especially someone who knows nothing about the topic. I’m a friend to many ladies and that should not give you the thoughts that I was running after them. Caro has nothing to do with my article, I respect her and you should do that too. Stop being too local and start acting like a matured upcoming Comedian, that will help you find some few fans.

If she was running after Silver or even Silver running after a sugar mommy, how was it your concern? Leave them alone and start talking about yourself. You got lost in your little chicken jokes.

By the way when you were starting to give out your speech you showed the whole world your weaknesses as a man who cannot make a straight statement in a more organized manner.
God bless your hustle

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