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Chris Mun

Munir David Andu, well known as Chris Mun started his music career way back in 2005 as an instrumentalist in the Catholic Church in Uganda, that’s how he came to learn more about music composition, singing and vocals as well. In 2015, he joined “South Sudan Talent Search (SSTS) as a contestant, a singing competition platform that brought up many great artists of this country. And is from here that, he got a lot of music skills like, stage performance, live band singing and playing instruments, vocal training and many others.

He is a solo Rnb/Afro beat/Zouk recording Artist, Songwriter & A guitarist from capital Juba who goes by the stage name Chris Mun alias “The African Guy”. He officially started recording songs professionally in 2015 and released his first single titled “BMW” (Be my wife) thereafter followed by “Nakodo” Album that consisted of 10 songs. He so far has 15 audios and 4 videos into his name, some his popular songs in the country include, “Superwoman, Sweetheart ft Domi Dunia, Despacito Arabic Ft Nasty Jay, Mata Dugu Mara, Hustler Ft One Pound, For you, Weekend, Fire, Stay Ft Tvavy de Tablet, Take Me a new release and many more. He has so far done many collaborations with his fellow country artists, e.g YogoMan, Domi Dunia, Hardlife Avenue Stars, Tvavy de Tablet, Nasty Jay and Rapper One Pound of which some of these collaborations are not yet released. And besides more collaborations are on the way.

Why he chose to do music.

  1. He did music because of the passion he has for music, he had loved music and singing even from childhood, He used to play instruments in the church at just the age of 8 years old, most especially the local African instruments like Adungu that used to be the most popular music instrument by then back in the 1990s before the key boards, pianos and Guitars came out.
  2. He also wanted to pass a message to my community or country South Sudan and the only way he felt music as the only tool to communicate to the people in the Country. There are some many things currently happening in the country that needed to be addressed, “I can’t call the public in a rally to pass my message but rather put it in a musical way so that everybody can listen” he said.
  3. He also wanted to entertain his community and the country people at large it’s normally said that music heals; music brings happiness to people all over the world. It promotes diversity, promotes culture and social lifestyle of a nation.
  4. Besides the passion he has for music, he like any other artist, was also inspired by some great music icons all over the world.

He is currently working on his second album titled (The Love Album) that will consist of 15 songs, of which he just released one of the song from this album titled (Take Me) about 2 months ago. Besides that, he is also working on a street kids’ song project that is featured by about 8 great artists of this country. The audio is done and is in the process of its video shooting that has been put on hold at the moment due to the covid-19 pandemic. This song will be released officially with its video anytime from now (2020).


Although he has not achieved much in his music journey, he won the best collaboration of the year in the recent concluded SSMA (South Sudan Music Awards) in November 2019 for the song Stay featuring Tvavy de Tablet a talented female singer. Besides that, he also got many nominations by many various major awarding companies in the country e.g SSTYA, SSUSA & SSMA in various catergories mostly Best RnB artist of the year and Best collaboration of the year which is an achievement too to his name. they say to be recognized in anything one does, is an achievement.



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