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Silver X

Silver X is known by his Real Names of Okuta Ceaser Malis Jermiah. born in 1988 Feb 12th in Torit. former  Eastern Equatoria state now known Imotong State in a family of seven siblings  two boys five girls raised by a single mother Lucia Medei After the father died in 1992 in Juba.

I went to school both primary and secondary school in Agojo refugee camp in Adjumani district Uganda from 2000 to 2006. left school for Music after successfully having Finished Senior four. despite of the fact that Silver X did Music in different stages of life such as church Choir school choir He professionally took Music as a career in 2007 in Torit. Where he formed a music band called New Sudan super stars which he dissolved after one successful Album with the group. the Album was called  IHARI ATUBA in Lotuko native language and it had six songs surprisingly by this time His music name was DMX. then in 2008 DMX did with the group that he dissolved and The Giant SIlver X was born. with his first Studio Album titled BINIA LOTUKO and since then the singer kept it going miles after miles until 2009 when he Broke the music record by introducing modern music to the south Sudanese entertainment with his Sold out Music album of “FETISU SUKOL ” many preferred calling it “come tomorrow ” In 2010 the Silver X brand became a house hold name all over south Sudan and beyond until date.

Silver X is the only artist in south Sudan who has successfully launched more than six Music Albums e.g Fetisu sukol Album in 2010, Wele album in 2011, Masura album in 2012, Carolina album in 2013, Ana biwori in 2014 and so on. Silver X was more than once the face of MTN south Sudan, he has done so many ambassadorial roles in HIV /Aids south Sudan , peace advocacy, Gender balance and Equality in south Sudan including women empowerment in south Sudan. and so many other important roles in his name. In South Sudan Silver X has won multiple Music Awards in and outside south Sudan including multiple nominations in some East African Music awards that existed and others still do exist upto date also he becomes the first and the only South Sudanese citizen and an Artist at the Same time who has won a Global Nomination in the global foreign policy UK among the Top 100 world thinkers after his successful peace project after the 2013 in 2014.

 Amongst other achievements in his brand Name. Silver X has travelled international for music tours in so many countries leave alone east Africa the star did an Australian music tour 2015 to 2016. did Cairo Egypt 2017 did Khartoum Sudan 2018 and did India this 2019. Silver X one of the most successful,Most respected, Most consistent most creative, most hardworking music legends in south Sudan. onto that he became the first south Sudanese artist to have gotten his music videos play on some international Music channels eg MTV Afrobeats, Soundcity and even trace Africa in 2017 with his video of Muwala and the rest followed. finally onto his brand his legacy is still on the highest growth with alot more yet to be seen and registered in his name.
In the other side he is the CEO of the most selling record label International Records based in Kampala uganda with several Artists under his record. more to that he is also the CEO of the Of HolyLand Music Empire (HLME) which is barely a music Crew that is based on mentoring The new Artist it was formed in 2008. so many super stars in the country have all risen from HLME. He is a song writer, A singer, a rapper a performer and a producer.
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