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South Sudan music industry has been gradually improving; we have seen its products being played in international televisions and other media houses. The Artists are getting paid, flashing celebrity lifestyles. If only we had paparazzi by now that would be the case, but all we have are tea drinking joints were the artists chill.

A lot of Teenagers have seen it as an opportunity in two cornered sight, one being a celebrity, the money and fame, others are using it to relieve their stress by expressing their concerns, but all in all music is music, it touches all humans. Making it in the South Sudan music industry is not easy as most people think, a lot of radios and clubs play foreign music not giving chance to the fresh growing industry of South Sudan. South Sudanese have forgotten their own and have focused on foreign music this is being blamed to the disc jokers and radio presenters because listeners love what they bring out of their kitchen.

Artists have made meetings and meetings to see how best they can focus on the Junubi industry rather than importing foreign music which is affecting the culture of South Sudanese, a lot of radio presenters have been pointed on, on playing foreign music.

Presenters have been blamed on bias bases of tribalism and friendship in the industry where a presenter plays only music from his tribe or his/her friends, a lot are blamed to be sleeping with female artists and vice versa just to get an air play.

But of recent we have been hearing some radios playing mostly South Sudan music, this sometimes is engineered by the administration of that particular radio or by the radio presenters.

Radio Presenters are the voice of every radio station; they create the tone and style of the station and establish a relationship for listeners. A good radio presenter knows how to captivate and engage their audience.

The most difficult challenge for a lot of radio presenters is controlling their mood. No matter what is going on outside of work, or if you get an angry caller, always remaining enthusiastic, energetic and positive to us this defines DANSON MADEE. Danson Madee is one heart clean soldier with a lot of generosity, a legit and down to earth Radio Presenter with worth a million dollar voice.

Danson Madee works with one of South Sudan’s top radio stations known as Classic Fm 92.4, he takes 2 radio programs, which are

Breakfast Table – Monday to Friday 7-11 am EAT

211 Reloaded – Every Saturday 12-3pm EAT

211 Reloaded show is one program he has engineered to support South Sudan Music. During this show fans choose which songs are worthy to be on his top 10 count down, power is given to listeners to judge songs that can be played, this has helped differentiate artists and helped artists to improve on their contents.

A lot of times Radio presenters are the kings of the driving wheel but Danson has changed that, his playlist is mostly driven with fans choice and verified quality music which is worthy for air play. This has set a new trend in the musicians art, many artists think getting into Danson Madee’s playlist takes a talented and focused artist, one artist is quoted

“ I was called one day by Danson Madee, I have never known him, he encouraged me and advised me on how I can over come the industry and indeed I took his advice and I am happy today to be playing across different airwaves, thanks to his advice”

A lot of compliment from artists about the voice behind 211 Reloaded, compared to negativity. Danson has mastered his art of presentation and has that unique touch that keeps his listeners never touching the dial.

Such supportive ingredients in the South Sudan entertainment industry needs to be supported and encouraged for the betterment of our struggling industry.




  1. Beckie Johnz says:

    One amazing soul, he knows raw talent. And gives them the opportunity to be AirPlay. Thank you Danson for being you!

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