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2019 saw one of the most active years in the Music Industry in South Sudan, with a lot of music plays in radios, clubs and a lot of support to the artists from all functions, the promoters, fans, media houses, newspapers among others. Every weekend was a party, posters of artists all over Juba, artists performed and earned money, party after party, shows after shows was the lifestyle of music lovers, revellers and of course artists.

A lot of meetings conducted to improve the industry, a lot of meetings with radios and presenters all in the name of the industry development. BUT the best of it all came the South Sudan Artists Union announcing a one of a kind democratic channel to the big seat (PRESIDENCY OF THE UNION), a lot of artists eyed the seat, artists  and fans rallied behind their candidates, to the extend some artists had to pull out to support other candidates and this was the beginning of the best for South Sudan Music Industry.

The Competition kicked off and every candidate rushed for votes, expression their MANIFESTOS and indeed it was going to be one of the most democratic voting to be ever done in the industry, but waking one morning it was CANCELED/POSTPONED without a proper reason BUT HOPING A LATER VOTING DATE, weeks passed, months past almost a year passes hoping for the day for voting.

The union had 3 FINAL contestants this include DENG MTOTO, MUGAGA ROUND, MCLUMOEX, but the latest coming in is that Deng Mtoto has been degreed as the President of South Sudan Artists Union by the Minister of Culture and Museum Madam Honourable Nadia Arob Dudi.

This took place today (07 June 2020) in the famous Nyakuron Cultural Centre at noon. In attendance were some South Sudanese artists and fellow candidates. However the former president was however not in attendance as he was said to be self isolating as he is suspected to have contracted Corona Virus.

This took majority of the artists and South Sudan Music fans by surprise as some of them rushed on social media expressing their disappointment in the decree, One famous Musician Larson Angok had to post this on his facebook page condemning the Decree

May be he have been elected by incompetent bribing artists only to be their president, not all South Sudanese artists are ware of #Deng #M being the president of artists Union, please stop spreading wrong information on Facebook while some artists doesn’t know how and when did that election happened
I have strong condemn it .

We contacted one Hip Hop artists Lama World has been trying to reach Deng Mtoto not to congratulate him but to tell him that he doesn’t deserve the post through decree but through democratic elections, he also stressed that some influential people were lobbying to install John Kudusey as the president of the Union but he stood strong to condemn that, he advised that at-least the 3 candidates who were contesting last year should be the president.
To his surprise today, Deng Mtoto was the president and he really cant appress how disappointed he was.
One of the candidates
We also conducted Johnson Mike one of the artists who championed the union of artists in 2019 to a long schedule of peace talks and entertainment industry development between artists

, promoters and radio presenters, he was happy about the decree and said its not about the presidency but its about having a leader who can lead and stand for the rights of artists and their content though he wasnt part of the electoral team.
Reaching to one of the Candidates on phone call Mr Mclumoex he deeply expressed his congratulatory message to the current decreed president Deng Mtoto and calls Deng Mtoto to conduct him for any help because he believes in working together for the betterment of the industry.
Though this has taken the industry by surprise, many artists hope to see a tangible improvement in the Union management to support their Content.



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