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When it comes to the Queen of the Nile AWARDS, we would say we have more than enough female artists in the country but the competition seems to be not very stiff compared to the male music industry.

Female artists fight a lot of untold dark stories behind walls of fame, our female artists haven’t been consistent in the game but believe me they are far better in vocals and music than most of the so called big male artists in the country. Lets focus on modern music, our female artists have given us worthy lyrics, worthy dancing moves in their videos better than the males who mostly use sign language in their videos.

Things that haven been messing our female artists is mostly RELATIONSHIPS, from breakups to sugar daddies from sugar daddies to play boys from play boys to single mothers from single mothers back to relationship damnnnnn these ladies wont think about settling their afasat for one person.


She was the hot cake in the industry until when she was ballooned by one go getter promoter Mr.Sabuni, they enjoyed the fame, celebrity lifestyle until when Sabuni’s wire went looking for more poles to hung on. Things got messy and they broke up, with insults on social media and airwaves, Mr.Sabuni had to block all her (Neetah Baibe’s) music from playing on air, this broke down Neetah’s career, until she was forced to apologise. After the apology , the promoter Mr Sabuni levelled the restrictions and Neetah’s songs were back on air and fans expected more from the Diva but unfortunately she wasn’t back for music but back for more relationships.

2018/2019 expected more of Neetah but we could only see her in AK J’s arms, fans were like is this the Definition of her latest hit song Secret Lover or this could be the reason she left Sabuni? Emmmm we don’t know but the word is still in the streets.

Of late she came up in a collaboration with her now Boy friend AK J but it hasn’t been received with a lot of plays on air. One of Neetah Baibes’s close friends who asked not to be mentioned said Neetah is more focussed in her Humanitarian work than her music, she said Neetah got a new NGO contract and she has been tasked with difficult schedules. She went ahead to talk about Neetah’s latest collaboration with WJ and Mclumoex – Corona, she said if it wasn’t that Neetah was working from home, she couldn’t have got time to do that collaboration but thanks to Corona Virus.

Though Neetah hasn’t been much in the industry since 2017, her music has always stood for her and her fans are yet Yawning for more.


I know you know that we know that yes we know hahaaaaaaaaa…. the story goes on. Yes she was moving out with Crazy Fox, she was actually crowned THE EMPRESS (QUEEN TO THE EMPEROR CRAZY FOX) but what went wrong? we know you know your words on the streets, most people say she wasn’t happy with Crazy Fox’s lifestyle of balling every net that comes his way. People have created their own stories, but rumours have it that Crazy Fox mistreats the Empress (Trisha Cee), that made Trisha to look for Greener Pastures while focusing on her music.

Things started messing the young lady in love, she was a little messed up but came back strong with hitting songs Like Boy, she found comfort in her friends and with help with Shako on the Beat, she was brought back to what she does best – MUSIC, from there she has been releasing new good music often, her current song Tattoo has never been out of waves for a long time. But is she yet the Empress or IRENE TOSS? We are yet to see how long IRENE TOSS will hold up, but now that the couples have a baby, the pot will hold water.


Queen Zee has made us dance and now some of your kids are dancing. She has stood on top of the Industry and built her brand which is here to stay.

From messy relationships with producers like Kamba, to overseas relationships and to relationships gone wrong that influenced activities that got her behind bars, the Queen is now happily married to a King she isn’t leaving soon. Just like Juliana we hope she gives us a child soon.

Queen Zee after her jail pardon came out to see love in Kanya Di Lion, like sugar mammy they traveled the world with Kanya, Kanya new to the celebrity life fell deep in love until like Moses he was abandoned in Egypt only to be helped by well wishers to transport him back to Juba,. Queen Zee Moved on and her eagle eyes that see from thousands of miles got her into the hands of her current husband.

Her latest song telephone has proved great and progressing process to her music, she is currently on top of her game but her presence in the industry is really needed because fans are dying for her stage performance.


Juna fell so deep in love with MT7 to the extend she forgot her own music career, known as the most wanted on the streets which she only realised when things weren’t moving well with her baby daddy. Since their relationships went sour, she has been on top of her game, with massive songs which exposed her potential, Juna di’ Star is the only lady you cant miss in your Playlist.

She recently said if MT7 wants her back, he needs to go and meet her parents/relatives, we are yet waiting for MT7 reply.



The love doctor isn’t the love doctor anymore after falling from branches of relationships. She was in too much love with Click Izo a fellow musician and radio presenter, click actually promised to marry the Love Doctor but it seems Click Izo found new pasture to graze on. Things weren’t moving well with the love doctor, this negatively impacted her career, but she finally fell in the hands of one musician/producer who we were asked not to mentioned coz it could mess her more but yes the Musician/producer is running the game of love now, yes that one hahaaaaa……….

Hani Breva after all the messed up relationships seems to be looking towards the crown and thats the female artists crown.


Lady kola is one who can do anything she wants so long as it is pleasing her, she choses her man and dumps him at her own will,  boys, men have testified to not seemingly easy to be in her garden for long because she is the King and Queen at the same time, here we openly agree she is the Queen of Relationships.

The List is very long, it has been messy in every industry, female artists always find it hard, the road with a lot of thorns, Messy roads. Recently Juliana, Uganda’s legendary musician gave birth of which she has been keeping secretly , this came as a shock to many as fans who thought she was already old to give birth, this should anyway be a lesson to our female artists.





  1. You people have nothing to write.
    Who told you that Sabuni is the father to princess jivanta?
    He is not the one I beg, u people even don’t do your research.we need reality stories not forgery.

    • The Critic says:

      We didn’t mention Mr Sabuni being the father of Princess Jivanta.
      But Thanks for your clarification though

    • The Critic says:

      And we know the father to Princess Jivanta is Producer Ginuham Da Challeneger, can we increase the 🤪

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