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David Shergold Lavery Bila

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My name is David Shergold lavery Bila.i was born in Khartoum Sudan and I lived most of my childhood there.i come from an extended family of ten children and other relatives members,it wasn’t easy for my parents to take me to school and other siblings.
At an early age I was compelled to take care of myself and other siblings dispersed and my elderly brother fled to Israel. In Israel,my brother gained a asylum and stayed there till 2012.while living there, he worked hard and supported the family back in south sudan as well. Unfortunately, after south Sudan gained its independence, my elder brother was departed back to south Sudan.

In 2013, a civil war erupted and my family left the country in search of a better place . Uganda was our destination and there we became refugee in the same year (2013), an organisation called “come true” was formed by two Israelites with the aim to rescue and sponsor south Sudanese kids who were deported from Israel, it needed a person to manage it in Uganda and because my elder brother was once in Israel, he got the responsibility and chance to manage the organisation in Uganda.

This gave me the opportunity to also join the organisation and study in Uganda. I finished my elementary school in trinity Primary school and went to a tertiary institution afterwards .Fashion is something that I always wanted to do . I remember as a young kid I often used to dress up with different styles and I loved it so much .I joined Nagenda international academy of art and design and there I persued a diploma in fashion design.I am so bound to my culture and I love making clothes that represent my past and the African culture since I joined the institution and learned how to create new styles and made my own clothes which I usually exhibited during fashion shows in the above institution.

My dream is to become an international fashion designer explore and represent African wear to the western world. I want to preserve the African culture and show the , ” hidden beauty “,in the African wear. I feel the african wear is not well presented and my goal is to spread it and expose it world wide. The African’s fashion and style has influenced and had been influenced by the western world .
The beauty of Africa is deeply rooted into its culture; which is multi – various with each and every tribe having distinct characteristics. One of the best kept secret of Africa is its unrivealed beauty in fashion and style. The beauty in Africa fashion is seen with colour in them.

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  1. David says:

    First of all I want to give thanks to the term shabab magazine I am so great full and I am so happy to be here with you

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