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Feel Free is one of South Sudan’s top Comedians who has made money out of the comedy industry between 2017 and 2019. He has worked with a lot of companies recently being the face and official ambassador of Oride, a transport company operating in South Sudan known as the Uber of Juba. Of late he is working with MTN South Sudan, having an online comedy show attracting a lot of fans to his page and his name and adding a brand visibility to MTN, besides he is the CEO of Team Kebir Entertainment which is fully registered in South Sudan as an entertainment and event company.

Luck knocked feel free in late 2017 having won hearts of the top UNHCR/UNMISS officials and scoopping some good contracts and earning some good cash. Adding what he got from his hard earned cash to what his Australian sugar mummy adds for him, he used it wisely to brand himself and BOOOOOOOOOOM he shipped one of a kind posh car in the capital Juba, this shocked his fellow comedians and artists who rushed where the green pastures were, Feel Free Started signing artists, comedians, advertised for an official manager paying him some good amount of money, he wisely shipped quality cameras in the country and signed video directors and promised them heavy money.

Fame and money was all feel free was about, buying expensive phones, riding all over Juba, his four sitter posh car was only for ladies or celebrities. Ladies salivated for Feel Free ( ITA BI FEEEEEEEEEL), artists gave him respect, he competed with people he wasn’t in their league, feel free could travel in out country almost monthly. Life was good yajek. Things moved on well lakin jisssz bada inta………….. kalam wosulu

Things starting turning bad in 2019 when his sugar mummy who is claimed to be in Australia stopped sending that Donald Trump Money to him. Boooooooooooooooooom KAAAAbaraaaaa Feel free sacked his manager for using his letterhead, sacked his secretary for applying for another Job, sacked the camera men, sacked sacked sacked………………………………….

End of 2019, feel free was bankrupt, things weren’t going on well, Nyakuron Cultural Centre Stopped his Weekly Comedy show, after serious negotiations his show was shifted but still weren’t pulling in fans and this didn’t go well with the Nyakuron Management. Nyakuron Management team starting hunting for feel free to pay some unpaid debts. One of the Nyakuron Management was heard saying “Feel Free is a big Liar and he hasn’t been paying us for months now, he keeps Pushing us to his management who ends up pushing them to feel free”.

Feel Free’s latest manager known as Tong Toss is now under serious pressure from different business partners, artists, comedians and business personnels who are requesting huge amount of money for services they rendered.

One of the bouncers feel free signed said they were seven officially signed under team kebir entertainment but feel free never pays them apart from giving them transport money, he said feel free has not been respecting them, he went ahead to confirm feel free’s bankruptcy.

The latest reaching our desk is, Feel Free has sold his posh ride, COULD IT BE THE REASON THE CAR IS NO LONGER IN THE STREETS or MAYBE ITS FUEL ISSUES, we don’t know but following the rumours to get the truth.

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