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Hani Breva the latest RnB Sensation in the Female category is rumoured pregnant. The young upcoming artist who is behind the Hit Hibu Ita has been seen changing her dressing code avoiding any suspicion of being ballooned. A close friend dismissed the claims and said Hani Breva is not pregnant and is in a Healthy relationship but refused to Disclose the mujirim.

The self proclaimed the love doctor was dumped by one Click Izo who doubles as a radio Presenter, which could be one of the reasons she released Hibu ita, which is a song regretting ever loving a guy. Adding her latest Jam BREATH, it seems she is in love again but with who is what we have failed to discover but our snoops are digging that mountain. Her Recent transformation has worried a lot of her fans who are worried of her weight which could reduce the dancing falvour from their favourite RnB artist.

Musically Hani Breva has woooowed music fans and currently is on top of her game. She has a voice that the industry needs and if she continuous with the same energy the industry will love her more




  1. A Cuts says:

    She just gained some weight in the past few days, I guess !

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