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Where is Mr Lengs the self proclaimed Hit Maker?

The self proclaimed HIT MAKER has gone dry of Hits for almost 3 years now with no award nominations. The question you might be asking now is WHY?

OK lets us talk now………. After brining us Mama Baby in 2017, fans danced and radios’ thirst for music from Mr. Lengs came to an end but unfortunately he disappeared like a man who has been on the MOST WANTED LIST by Police.

But after airwaves airing out mostly COVID-19 songs to sensitise the community, Mr Lengs couldn’t hold it any more, he had to get that opportunity to jump to the team of Musicians who have used or are using their voices and talent to sensitise the community through music.

He teamed up with Da Sparta (Kenny Dizzi and Medicator), Winny Hot Gal, the hip Hop Star Lual & and Dancehall Icon MT7 to come up with a corona virus song, which is kinda bringing him back to the limelight.

Listen to the song

After taking the Eye Radio Music Awards, Overall Artiste of the year for his four hit songs in 2014, Mr Lengs has gone dry of adding awards to his shelves after serious competition in the industry seeing new faces and more talented artists in the Industry.

What next for Mr Lengs is still unknown, looking at things he might not get to music soon.

His closest friend Kawaja Revolution has really tried hard to be relevant but also falling in the trap of failing to beat the young ambitious artists in the Industry, this shows how competitive the industry is now compared to 5 years back, when making a hit Song is all about shouting on noisy beats.

Fans are seriously hoping for more Music from Mr Lengs as fans keep calling different radios What is wrong with their Artist and with hopes of Mr Lengs cooking for them something better than Mama Baby.

Stay Tuned as we bring you another artist who made it but fell in the trap of FAILING TO BRINGUP A HIT SONG

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