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Amid wider devastation, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the musical world. Although online consumption has risen – Spotify, for instance, has seen large growth in paid subscriptions – music-makers are still suffering. Many receive only tiny payouts from streaming sites. And with public gatherings curtailed, concerts, tours and festivals are currently ruled out, jeopardising employment prospects for musicians and the future of shuttered venues.

At the same time, people around the world have turned to music to help them through the crisis. From balcony-based sing-alongs to megastar global broadcasts, music has become embedded in our responses to disrupted lives. With creators and lovers of music depending on digital mediation, a wide range of approaches to making, sharing and experience music have arisen.

Talking of South Sudan, musicians & Comedians depend on concerts/shows which come weekly, Monthly or even thrice in a Years but this has not been the case since the Pandemic crisis which led to cancellation of all public gatherings. Artists have been heard crying to the government to help support them with some consumables or even cash just like the way the Kenyan government have done but their cry was not heard and now its hard to feed themselves but others are wise enough, some started using the pandemic to start business ideas, for example Comedian Wokil has been making face masks and branding them for sale which puts good money in his pocket, Mantani of Hardlife has a liquid production company and he has been producing massively now that the demand is high and many more who are doing different business.

Meanwhile Promoters have their eyes on the Musicians and Comedians and here we bring you the TOP 10 artists likely to have concerts just after the normal resumption of clubs, bars and concert Halls.

    Cososan currently is ruling the airwaves with his hit single WAJA, the Tizzy Camp diehard has revealed that he has already got cals from his managements and is ready to bring it down when all gets well.Cocosan came to fame when him and Fanan Ngala came up with International Baby, a song that proved fans that he got more in him, and indeed he never disappointed with the Waja single.
    The Trios have been consistent in what they do best, their current song Far away has got a lot of attention but they seem not to recognise it, they have been reluctant about the video but could it be reasons on COVID 19, maybe but we hope they plan for the Video soon. One promoter has already confirmed their concert immediately after things settle.
    The Clan Base Music team hit on the waves Me & You have made fans die for a concert this prompted them to organise an online concert which was followed by many fans and all are asking for a concert immediately after things go to normal. THE CLAN BASE never disappoint when it comes to concerts
    HipHop is reborn in South Sudan, these guys have painted a graffiti of real Hiphop on the map of South Sudan Entertainement and now radios, Tvs, Online consumers have watched more HipHop than any genre in South Sudan this year. This guys are going to bring any concert down, adding to their brand the Best Hiphop Names in the country and producing songs alomost monthly, these guys are simply the titans, the Gladiators of Hiphop in South Sudan, any concerts added to their name is a sale before the D day
    The Vice president of RuffMan Empire has proved so called big artists wrong with his yearly unique stage entrance and stage control, during the Hagana festival, he left fans demanding more performance when he stepped in a wheelbarrow, performing around the stage, by the time he stepped on stage fans were all over the restricted areas, this was tried by artists who came from Kakuma the next day and a boo is what is all they got. If you have Viper is your lineup, he never disappoints.
    The nadi mama, Boy Lover hit maker is now the face of the female artist, she has kept her fans die for more music from her apart from those yawning for her afasat. Promoters have already started asking for her signatory to a label, but she is focussed.
    Damnnnnnnn we actually want her to start performing before COVID 19 ends, One Time is TuTu’s latest and it has caught airwaves like wild fire, a song that has crossed borders and has brought her back to limelight after a long break from music, but her kind of music is one that never expires and we cant wait for a video and most importantly a concert.
    The duos have been tremendous and focussed in their music in 2020 more than any other year in their music career, if not of the Covid 19 Pandemic they would be releasing hits after hits, their song with Menimeen of Coozos Clan “MIDU” is one song that deserves a concert.
    The RnB Sensation has got us all in tears in his Broken Song adding Juba ft 2 dope and Jyang, who will miss a concert that a promoter puts for single Dee WHO WILL YAJAMANAAA, any promoter who gets Single De on Stage is definitely pocketing some good cash
  10. DJ CENT
    Dj Cent has rulled over concerts in South Sudan for 2 years now,kan waja ita de biga muskila taki, he has proven he is the King of Concerts, in 2019 he alone had more than 70 bookings far better than every artists in South Sudan in that particular year. This has been painted on promoters walls. We cant wait for his stage performance any time soon.




These are our top 10 artists meanwhile the comedians on High demand include  Wokil, VIP, Feel Free, and 400kg

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