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The latest story popping in is Navy Boy the ana Junubi hit maker starts his own label Tuffest Music Yesterday.

All this came about after the manager of  HLME signed 5 artists into the group without notifying other members of the group and most importantly him (Navy Boy) the then Vice President of HLME. This brought serious word battles on social media between him and the Manager (Chris Martin) who Navy boy has never recognised as HLME manager.

The 5 Artists Signed include
1- Black Queen
2- Nipsey Kidd
3- Luiz Anter
4- Navy Gabana
5- Daddy Black

The signing made Navy Boy post on his page his frustrations and disappointments and clearly clarified that HLME needed a better management that can help invest in the artists contracts as signed in section of artists Management. He went forward to point out the weakness of HLME having only one video shot in years of his dedication to HLME, the video is yet credited to K2 promotions.

During the first day of the argument, Chris Martin labelled Navy Boy as a snake by posting a dead snake which he killed blaming it to his haters attacking Navy Boy indirectly.

This is what read on the whatsapp profile ( Picture Attached)

“Whoever send this snake just know ur plans have failed”

Our Snoops recached one of the signed artists by the names of THE BLACK QUEEN and she clearly said the contract was brought to her at home and doesnt have signatory of the founding president Silver X and if thats how the management manages things then she is still thinking about the contract but untill today Black Queen hasnt comeout to say she is out of the Team.

One of HLME hopefully the next Vice president Young Blad trashed the Top Management by questioning the criteria of signing artists into the Family (HLME). He openly asked, we qoute “Where is the Good Music”, it seems Young Blad hasn’t heard any of the signed artists Music and if he heard then his statement labels the artists with no good music to qualify, Young Blad went ahead to say that starting 5/5/2020 onwards he wont attend any meeting of #HolyLand_Music_Empire until #Silver_X , #Navy_Boy and Prince Chris Martin solve their issues , but positions himself as  #HLME #Top_General . And he added that he not totally happy with the misunderstanding. Now that Navy Boy is out, what next for Young Blad’s Statement.

Our snoops couldnt reach Silver X as he is still struggling with his social media account issues after his phone, social media accounts where hacked.  April & May hasn’t been good on Silver X’s Side as his HLME has been on fire and his phone being hacked and now his closest champion on the team quitting his label.

Silver X has yet talked about Navy Boy and his possible successor but we strongly believe either Young Blad or MD Sam will take that position.

This is what Navy Boy Posted on his page

Today on 25/5/2020 I want everyone to know this day, is the day am signing out of #holyland_music_empire and at the same time am introducing my new group to the whole world non other than #Tuffest_Music not for bad but you can’t stay with someone who is down looking and undermining you for my fans and Holy Land fans let us not take this as a fight but let us learn how to push south Sudan music to the world I created this group because I want to face my own challenges and am ready to face them as a strong man I wish everyone in HLME success and I wish myself too I will always keep my good heart for everybody am praying to the almighty father for the blessings of my new journey Amen.
Thanks my beloved fans.

Check B the magician was the last to leave HLME and made his own label and so far things are going well with him, and he has congratulated Navy Boy for taking that decision, Crazy fox also came out to Congratulate Navy Boy among many more fans and artists but we are yet to hear from HLME.

Stay Tuned



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