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Obeezy made news this week after threatening to delete artists music videos in his popular youtub accountv after some artists blamed him for making money out of their work.

This didnt go well with some on both sides………..

One artists by the Names of Sam dee Elly actually never liked Obeezy uploading artists content on his own youtube channel but preferred he (Obeezy) to wait for artists to upload and then share their videos……

He went ahead to clarify that on his facebook page, he wrote as quoted

They said they were trying to help you in terms of promotions. But I feel they are using it as an excuse because the truth got unveil.

YouTube royalties are based on the number of streams a video has received. The payouts to the artist are funded through advertising. It’s claimed YouTube pays creators 0.00054 per stream of music. This means a track streamed one million times would earn the artist around Euro 540.

In other words, YouTube pays USD 1$ per 1,000 plays, that means if your video which is claimed to have been uploaded on their Channels in order promote you get 1,000,000 (One Million) Views, the pay the channel owner will be USD 1,000 USD. Who is promoting who here? Leave alone the views. How about the subscribers? 🙄🙄

Like many of you are there complaining and supporting blindly of who owns the copyrights. Let me mess up your bald empty heads: –

Recording (Master right): The recording is a recorded performance of the composition (song). The rights to the recording are usually owned by the artist or their record labels. Permission is obtained through a master license.

I truly understand that many of our artists don’t know exactly what they are doing in the music industry but if I can quote Yuppie Jay in his comment, he clearly said “If you think they don’t have channels to upload their videos in, create for them or show them how it is done. And if you are a true helper share the trailer on your Facebook page, that’s how you show support not telling people fake excuses for the sake of comments and like. We all understand you own the production copyright.

Thank you for your time, I know am biting you but know that you are doing wrong. If you are ready to delete their videos like you said, do it. As long as you don’t cheat the voiceless because you are being paid.


This received a-lot of comments from music lovers and also artists like Nicky Prince of Hardlife avenue who said what Sam wrote was very correct…..

But on the Other Side a one self proclaimed Dancehall Prince known by names of Sammy took to his facebook page to put his support for Obeezy, we quoted what he wrote on his page

 Some artist who managed to shoot any of there video with director Obeezy in particular should actually thank Obeezy for exposing there song according to my point of views some artist have a nice videos on there YouTube channel but if you check out the number of views and subscribers they have and you compare it to the same videos that Obeezy has uploaded you will see actually there is big difference interms of numbers of views since most of the upcoming still have not gain that popularity they are not well exposed to the public to be follow I think through wat Obeezy did some people will start looking out for them but wat junubin artist are disturbed of is that they think Obeezy is earning alot from there own video.cose from wat i know Obeezy have been uploading south Sudanese music videos for a decade now so where is this hatred coming from is it one of covid19 symptom for our artist in juba.just say thanks some of you have managed to get 2k to 30k views through director Obeezy YouTube channel.otherwise your videos wouldn’t reach people in nimule zatu #Learn to thank #as for Dir Obeezy if you have taken the decision of deleting videos from your channel i support your decision cose u have really tried alot n it’s like they don’t appreciate it. #People who fail to achieve wat they want will always find who to blame they don’t know that taking the long road is better than short card don’t make those who have already been exposed to the public n have gain popularity influence you cose my friend you still have along way to go and wat you need most is support from any angle.#Swallow your pride and focus with time you will put restriction to your videos.

This didn’t go well with Sam Dee Elly who rushed to his facebook page with the screenshot of Sammy The Dancehall Prince and gave him some warning and clarifications

We Qoute

Sammyboy Dancehall Prince
I hope you are poking me with this post isn’t? Now let me ask you some few questions before we go to the grammar section.

1. Have you ever shot a video with any of our Junub Directors? And if Yes which one of your songs is that video?

2. In your channel you have 7 videos, and 701 subscribers who managed to help you scoop 1.6K views. Which one of these videos is your original work?

3. In one of your Paragraphs, you clearly stated that people who fail to achieve what they want will always find who to blame. What achievement have you gotten so far as a criticizer?

4. Why do you have to upload a dance video for Diamond Platnumz #Baba_Lao on your channel? Are you forgetting that you are a Dancehall prince like you had claimed to be?

Boy look, you might be trying so hard to impress your #Deesciples but you lack this little common sense in your brain on what to speak. First of all look at the mess you’ve caused in your post. Is that how your English teacher taught you? Huh!

I might be that person who fail to make it in the music industry yes, but am not that guy who try to gamble fake Swahili words just to make it sound like it’s a real song.

You kindly need to remove that ideology of talking trash about what you don’t even know and replace it with a pen and paper to correct that missing common sense in you otherwise am not that kid you are trying to play with.

Create your own videos, and go to our best directors to get what you can brag about tomorrow. I’ve never spoken like this before but you better correct yourself before you get lost in this industry without testing how sweet YouTube money is.

Why am I even wasting my time on a person whose picture had never been spotted on any poster before.

Could this be a musical war between the two? hmmmmmm we dont know yet but yet to know because we are following.

Meanwhile our teams are working to get their music to settle the battle

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