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This Total lockdown due to corona virus has really made a lot of people get united and close with their families, parents who had an hour or two with their children can now play hide and seek with their them, others help their kids in revision of their school books but Angwet Wei Agotic has taken it a mile further by Taking her productive time to sew bedsheets which is well known and an identity in every south sudanese living room or bedroom.

The bedsheet challenge calls fellow ladies to rock the boredom with the identity of the South Sudanese fabric (Milaya).

In oneway or the other, this challenge is ready to sell the fabric which is an identity of the South Sudanese culture of living. This comes after several challenges, like the pillow challenge, Tit Challenge, Mattress Challenge and many more…….

The Pillow challenge saw one of South Sudan male musicians DJ Cent competing which never went well with other artists like Bizzi conncet which made him brand DJ Cent as Gay.

The Bedsheet challenge is a whole different challenge

A shout out to Angeth for such an Idea, we love the pics, and that little angel is beautiful.

Send us your bedsheet challenge and we see who does it better.


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