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The long awaited most anticipated hyped match dubbed Juba funnisco  was finally played on Saturday 13th 2020 at Zain Spartacus arena. Despite the coronavirus threat that made leagues to be postponed across the globe and presence of scary Red Cross team with mouth masks, the fans of the two giant teams couldn’t afford to miss watching their favourite musicians and City FM presenters/magical voices behind City FM mic. The fans swam in like locust in Uganda breaking the record of spectators watching a single match in Juba.

They say word of mouth speaks louder than action was a case of City FM presenters who were making winning noisyclaims behind the mic and promising their fans that artists team is not like Johnny Walker hangover. Dressed in Shabab Magazine white jersey, artists teams look like White lion ready to crush and dismantle the hell out of City FM team.

Juba funnisco witnessed the best moment of the game when Rocky J aka Asasiya ta Sokol was brought in sending the crowd in ululation and surprised faces wondering whether the ……. hit maker could manage to kick a ball beyond his nose range.

Despite the name Rocky, Rocky J was not as solid as Jebel Kugur Rock as the gravitational force was witnessed messing him/with his weight. His body weight was not inversely proportional to the magnetic Zain arena football ground. Rocky J was struggling to balance to standstill as the force of the evening monsoon wind attempted to send him back to Yambio.

Despite the evening monsoon wind, second after Rocky J was brought in, made an immediate impact that would have changed the game. Having watched Maradona hand of god highlight before the game, Rocky J almost scored with hand of GADIYA.

With the eagle eyes of City Fm fans and with the help of assistant referee, it was discovered after almost 30 minutes that Juba Artists have 12 players in the field. This brought the match to standstill as all the players in the field were re-counted. It was discovered that Rocky J could have brought himself in without the notice of his Manager and match officials. Finally Rocky J was removed despite the ululation from the crowded fans. Oooooh goash , God and guiding angels most especial cdr Hon C-in-C Angel Gabriel should be on alert otherwise some artist might escape from hell to heaven during the judgement day.

Mela, the Hulk of City Fm

despite all the promises to his girl friend to show his football talent with hat trick was left disappointed, confused, ashamed, ……         With the golden opportunity to score from the spot kick during the penalty kick out to at least put a smile on his girlfriend face, the City FM, Hulk couldn’t impress as his kick was off target.

Two weeks before the match, Mclumex was in the gym to cut some fat and show his six packs to impress and entice Gudele sexy fans. To their dismay, the ladies were left disappointed to only see Mclumex one pack dancing Konyo-Konyo Malakia Konyo-Konyo Malakia as Mela the Hulk was dribbling him. 

For precaution measures, Red Cross South Sudan Ambulance vehicle was on standby for any collapse emergencies. It was highly anticipated that some players like Kayaga, Doggy, Monteni, McLumex, Mela, DJ Cent, Rocky J,Crazy Fox, Emmanuel Kembe were on watch list of eminent collapse.

SBizzy aka the Pogba of City of Golden Opportunity was mistakenly given straight red card for pulling his opponent. Despite the sweet voice behind the City FM Mic, SBizzy could not show his football talent in the midfield as he was outsmart by artists solid midfielders. When the juba funnisco match idea was conceived at Data Media as a joke between SBizzy and Monteni, the artists Union were begging SBizzy to join them as he was one of them before his promising music career faded away like the 32 stated. Fans were heard saying that SBizzy with all the wasted height should

d try wrestling or be party of village band.

The match ended goalless as non of the team registered any single attempt on target. However, after the goalless draw, both team accepted to go for penalty kick. Artists tea

m managed to win the game as they defeated City of Golden Opportunity 5-3 on penalties.

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