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Every country has one famous area which is the talk of town. Gudele happens to be that lucky famous area code. In South Sudan perspective, Gudele is like the only virgin lady in the village who is so appetising and sending strong wave signal in every men’s jeans making their military “dingdong” to vibrate and salivate wanting to feast on the V-shaped cow-toe “yoyo sumbie.”.

Despite some well known and famous areas like Kololo, Amarat, 107, Muniki, Gudele is on another level like a broke Junubi artist who found fame in sugar mummy honey pot. Now those in Muniki are happy that their area is famous not knowing, their area code is famous for bleaching experts with PhD in cream mixing, flat bum like deflated V8 tyre, Obama pen figure like structure, “Nafurang” hub, Terkiba experts, extremely low self esteem breasts like an empty AK47 magazine.

In addition, Muniki houses cute and extraordinary fashionable most preferred ladies in town. Muniki ladies are not like some of their counterparts in Gudele who are always by the road side taking tea and smoking shisha while hunting for Fifth-hand broke-wealthy husband materials. Muniki ladies are class apart when it comes to hunting for sugar daddies and wealthy husband materials.

Despite Gudele; an ice cream on everyone’s lips, It has no electricity, no water, garbage street, etc still remains the wonder area code of Juba city.

From the way it sounds, Gudele seems to be a swimming pool for beautiful, cute, charming, virgin ladies and a hunting ground for wife materials. Yes they are wife material but also Shisha-lazy wife materials. Despite Gudele having many wife material ladies, their love potion cannot hold water; a factor making them not to settle in their husband’s home.  They prefer to stay in a mini-family comprising of only the husband and her children (if any). They always take advice from their gossiping colleagues who have 15 years of gossiping experience with PhD from “Jama Juba” (University of Juba) faculty of gossiping department of homo-sepien/psychology. The gossiping rate in Gudele is more than Ebola and Coronavirus combined. How I wish there is a gossiping Olympic competition, South Sudan flag would have been on a world map curtsy of Gudele gossipers Association (GGA).

Just like no one believes Khartoumers can be virgins and wife materials, … Gudele is yet another area for notorious youth gangs. Every Gang group tries to protect and expand the control of their territory and in doing so, clashes with other notorious gang groups is inevitable. As a result of the clashes, youths lose their dear life, life time injuries and scars, career etc bringing  agony and misery to their families.

To be continued…


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