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Winnie Godi, commonly known for her brand Winnie G fashions has come-out to expose answers that has been giggling in peoples minds. WHERE THE HELL IS WINNIE GODI?!

Having shaken the fashion industry in 2019, from representing South Sudan across the globe in fashion and organising fashion events in and out side South Sudan, she went silent but we could only see her through the biggest Billboards in town and thats of M-Gurush, but we were still asking ourselves where the hell is Winnie Godie.

But today being mother’s Day, Winnie Godie has come out to answer questions that have been giggling on our minds.


Winnie Godie has registered serious success in the modelling industry, winning multi million contract with M-Gurush, being the face of M-gurush.

All the artists, celebrities, tycoons and rujal nas who have been dropping applications have finally got an answer to the question which is IS SHE STILL SINGLE?.

To answer them Winnie Godie has officially come out to show to the world that she is gonna be a mother soon after posting photos of her in a beautiful African garment print, which is probably designed by her.

So secret admirers of Winnie, She is officially pregnant for someone and this could be leading to her marriage probably early next year, so Winnie Godi admirers she is already TAKEN , please take your watery mouths somewhere  else alek allah.


Hmmmmmmmm (taking a deep breath) our snoops have seen some gentlemen who have been so close to her like Menimen the CEO of Coozos Clan (doesnt mean he is the one), One Rasta we highly suspect known only as Manas, could have got this chance to the garden of Eden but we aren’t sure yet, our snoops are still digging in. Secondly we have ruled out her ex boyfriend who is an Eritian because they broke up, lakin damana mafi lisa.

But all in all congratulation Winnie G, we wish you all the best.


At only 26 years old, Godi is South Sudan’s fastest rising fashion designer with a cult following (clientele) of Juba’s elite and high heeled fashionistas. After getting her education here in Uganda, she made her toughest decision ever to move back home to be rebuild her country, just like every patriotic young woman.

Only a year after setting up a fashion business after depleting all her savings and launching with a swanky party in Juba, the country stumbled back into war, and she lost everything. She was forced to flee into Uganda for sometime until things got a little back in order.

 After weeks of battling a nasty depression, the Nkumba university graduate dusted herself and flew back to Juba to chase her dream. She began from scratch and rebuilt Winnie G Fashion into the household name it is now.

The brand deals in contemporary womenswear and menswear. “Last year the demand for kids wear shot up, we had to tap into it as well.”

Her designs are inspired by South Sudan’s diverse cultures of over 64 tribes.
Her plan is to expand the brand beyond the borders of her home.

She has showcased her designs in Nairobi, in Tanzania at Swahili Fashion Week and in Ghana at Accra Fashion Week and the US. She was also invited for Africa Fashion Week in Paris last year which she unfortunately couldn’t honour because of schedules.

Last weekend she was in Tokyo, Japan to show her SS19 collection.

Away from fashion, Godi is passionate about her heritage.

“I was often bullied because of my dark skin tone during my school days,” she remembers. “However, I’ve grown to learn that what I have is the most beautiful skin tone on earth. So I embrace it,” she adds.

Her tip to success is quite simple. “Just be humble,” she says. “When you’re humble, you’ll go places. When you’re humble everyone will come through to work with you,” she advises.



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